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Welcome to Sigma Pens:

The Ergonomic RinG-Pen has proved to be very successful in helping sufferers of Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Parkinsons to write again. These ergonomic pens are worn over the index or next finger and do not need to be gripped like an ordinary pen. If you write frequently and for extended periods of time with regular pens you likely have developed a callous or blister on your middle finger. The joints ache and the flexibility of fingers is reduced as one gets older. The effects of this are that the act of writing is increasingly difficult and the quality of the handwriting steadily worsens...

The ERGONOMIC RING-PEN addresses these problems and makes writing easier.

Sigma Pens are the Sole UK Distributor of the RinG-Pen.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?


Parkinson’s Disease?

Do you have poor fine motor skills of the fingers, wrist or hands?

Ergonomically designed to fit the hand, the Ring-Pen and Ring Pen Ultra dramatically reduces stress on the fingers and wrist by providing ridged support for your index finger creating more stability and reduction in pain. With its precise balance and stability the Ring-Pen and Ring-Pen Ultra are easy to use. No need to grip tight, just guide and glide the tip with your finger and thumb. It’s the perfect solution for anyone that can benefit from using an ergonomic pen or for anyone that writes a lot and wants to reduce writing fatigue.

Puts the fun back into writing!

The RING-PEN is the original ergonomic pen and is sold world-wide

The RING-PEN Ultra offers the benefit of choosing your own pen or pencil

The Ring-Pen Ultra is designed to help anyone with Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Stress Syndrome or anyone that writes a lot to reduce the pain and cramping that can be associated with the need to tightly grip a conventional pen or pencil. With the Ring-Pen Ultra there is no need to grip the writing implement tightly, so you may enjoy less pain, cramping and the ability to write more legibly and in a smoother fashion.

Our original Ring-Pen introduced in 1995 has sold 1 000 000 all over the world through our network of designated country distributors and resellers. As successful as the Ring-Pen was, you told us it would be great if there were a way use other writing implements using the Ring-Pen design and comfort and not just restricted to a fixed blue or black ink pen. The Ring-Pen Ultra will do just that.

With the new Ring-Pen Ultra you can write with:

  • *Most conventional pencils
  • *Most conventional stick pens
  • *Most conventional colored pencils
  • *Some artist paint brushes
  • *Some highlighter pens
  • *Insert other implements that will fit

The original Ring-Pen opened a new era in ergonomic writing devices. Are you ready for the next level of writing convenience and comfort available only with the Ring-Pen Ultra?

The RingPen Ultra is part of the RingOTools collection of innovative ergonomic writing implements and devices. You can purchase both the original Ring-Pen and new Ring-Pen Ultra now!


Ring Pen Ultra promotes also a correct pencil grasp and good posture. No fatigue or fingers’ deformation!

There is no other product like the Ring Pen Ultra. There are many ergonomic pens but no ergonomic pens that can use the pen or pencil of the users choice.

That is a function that makes the Ring Pen Ultra a unique product.


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