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Welcome to Sigma Pens:

The Ergonomic RinG-Pen has proved to be very successful in helping sufferers of Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Parkinsons to write again. These ergonomic pens are worn over the index or next finger and do not need to be gripped like an ordinary pen. If you write frequently and for extended periods of time with regular pens you likely have developed a callous or blister on your middle finger. The joints ache and the flexibility of fingers is reduced as one gets older. The effects of this are that the act of writing is increasingly difficult and the quality of the handwriting steadily worsens...

The ERGONOMIC RING-PEN addresses these problems and makes writing easier.

Sigma Pens are the Sole UK Distributor of the RinG-Pen.

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About Sigma Pens

We started making pens 12 years ago and we have developed over the years a reputation for producing top quality, handcrafted fountain pens from a wide choice of materials.

If you buy a Sigma Pen you can be sure that it has received the same high level of care in production as with all our handmade writing instruments. We are one of only a few companies making handcrafted pens in the UK and Sigma are certainly the only small company who have made a fountain pen in the traditional way without the use of pre-turned kit parts and tubes.

The Sigma Style is a superb writing instrument made entirely in the UK and the only foreign components on this pen are the clip and the German nib.

How are they made?

The cap and body are turned from acrylic using CNC lathes and the fittings (cap band, nib holder and cap top) are turned from brass and plated to 3 microns of silver or gold, again in the UK.

The pens are polished by hand using buffing soaps on a polishing wheel and then the pens are assembled by hand and quality checked.

Sigma Fountain Pens UK

When it comes to Fountain Pens, the hardest choice is where to start. Your main consideration may be size, shape, personalisation, colour, weight or budget. Sigma have a wide range to offer; all Handcrafted by Master Craftsmen in the Sigma Workshops in Cheshire, North West England. At Sigma Pens we make Luxury Fountain Pens, such as the Sigma Style and also a wide range of other Fountain Pens, Rollerballs and Ballpens. We also offer matching Pencils, Personalisation and a selection of inks, refills, nibs and desktop accessories.

What about Personalisation?

You can opt for personalisation and this means that you can have a name or short message on your Fountain Pen or even a signature!

If the pen is for a gift or presentation you may want a message on the box. We at Sigma have made Luxury Fountain Pens for the likes of Bentley Cars, Wilkinson Sword and for many other top marque companies. Our Craftsmen are specialists in making bespoke handcrafted pens and we pride ourselves on giving that little bit extra by way of a totally personal service.

Is the Fountain Pen for a Lady or Gentleman?

It is important that we help you to choose the correct pen and so if it is for a Lady we may suggest one of our smaller Handmade Fountain Pens. Most of our writing instruments are light to medium in weight but the Emperor Fountain Pen for instance is a big heavy writing instrument and suited better to the larger hand. We offer a comprehensive choice of nib and we cater for those who prefer to use an italic nib with either left or right-handed options. All of our Ink Fountain Pens are fitted with a filler/convertor and can be used with bottled ink or standard cartridges.

Luxury and Ergonomic Pen Suppliers UK - Sigma Pens.


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